There is no doubt toilet training is something that a majority of people had to go through. For the parents, it can be a very exciting moment, but for children, it can be very stressful. Yes, using the potty is a vital skill for life in general, but it is important that the parents do not pressure the children. They should just teach them to do what comes naturally. Parents should also know when they should just let their children figure it out for themselves. Using the bathroom is a very private thing, and even at an early age, people should be aware of that.

Obviously, potty training boys is a lot different from potty training girls. For little boys, probably the most important thing to teach in urinating in the potty is to aim. In this particular situation, parents will have to be really patient. It is hard for boys to just stand still; so, parents should expect a whole lot of mess the first time they use the potty. It can actually take a few tries before actually getting it right, but once they get the hang of it, it will just come natural for them.

Of course, girls will not have to worry about having this kind of problem. All they will really need to do is basically sit down and wait for their business to be over. However, what a lot of people do not realize is that toilet training is a lot more than just what they do on the potty, but it also involves what they do afterwards. Whether the parents are teaching a boy or a girl, clean up is very important when it comes to using the potty.

It is important to not only keep the area around the potty clean, but the kids should also learn to clean themselves. They should remember to wipe any kind of drip with tissue and wash their hands afterwards.


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