How did the potty train process went back in the old days?

The children went to school at a later age, and certainly not systematically on an age of 2,5 years. The kids were running around without pants, and were spontaneously dry. As long as a child could not squat stable, they did not start with dry training. The “potty chair” was put into operation: the child was in here to eat while the intestines naturally relaxes. Stool through the sphincter muscles to relax is the ideal way. Thus the child learns first to be potty trained for bowel movements, subsequently they also learn the correct (relaxed) way to pee. After that they got spontaneously dry. In other words, they waited until the child was right.

How does the process of potty training works these days?

* Urination and bowel movements stand apart from the meal time.

* Pee and poo are labeled as dirty and after visiting the toilet, the child is required to wash their hands thoroughly what isn’t always possible outdoors and could cause that the child postpones his toilet visit.

* The genital area is washed daily with irritating and perfumed soaps, making the sensitive skin become more sensitive.

* The genital area is cleaned with floral scented toilet paper or wet wipes, which often irritates too.

* The selected potty is very beautiful and attractive, but is not anatomically suited to be properly trained.

* We put the child on a potty when it suits us the best.

* We put the child on a potty from a certain age.

* We learn the child to pee in the “press” method because it should go quickly.

* We teach the children to stay dry by squeezing their sphincter. These children only lose a “few drops”, but these indicate a significant bladder dysfunction.

* With the new diapers every effort is made to keep baby’s bottom dry and to not let the child feel that the diaper actually contains urine. At the moment that the parent than “requires” that the child gets toilet trained, it is difficult for the child to feel what is happening in the bladder.

* With the dry train diapers the children experiences a false sense of dry, causing them to stop and try to use their sphincter. There is no medical reason to use them, but there is a reason to make them inadvisable. Either a child is toilet trained and it needs no diaper, or it is not toilet trained and does need a diaper. In between, there is no middle.

* The child is at night taken from the bed, making it the illusion that it is clean. A child should not learn to get up at night to get potty trained. But is should get potty trained to get up at night when they feel an increased urine production.

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