It’s finally time, or not? Potty Training Girls can’t successfully begin until she is ready. How do you know she is ready? Do you have a boy? Go here!

Can your daughter pull her pants up and down by herself? If so, she may be ready for potty training. Is she interested in going potty by herself? If so she is likely ready to go into potty training.

Don’t Be Shy

It’s important for your daughter to see you using the bathroom.toilet training girls If she doesn’t see you using it, she won’t know how to use it herself. Yes, this may be a bit embarrassing, but you’ll need to set that aside and think of your daughter.

Go Shopping

Take your daughter shopping for big girl panties. Let her pick them out. While you’re out shopping you should also find either a potty seat that goes on a regular toilet or a potty chair (or both if you have more than one bathroom. You might also want to find a book on being a big girl and using the big girl potty.

Practice Makes Perfect

Let your little girl practice using her big girl potty. She may wish to use it as a regular chair. Let her. She can sit on it to watch her favorite program or simply in the bathroom when you are using the real potty.

Potty Prizes

Pick out some prizes for successful potty trips. Some family use candy coated chocolates, others use a sticker, whatever you choose to use make it something she loves and tell her that each and every time that she uses her big girl potty she will get one.

Remove Her Diaper

Put her in a dress and completely remove her diaper for the first day. Tell her that when she needs to potty to go and use it. Make it easily accessible to her and ask her frequently if she wants to try to go. After a few successful trips ask her if she wants to wear her big girl panties.

Praise Her

toilet train a girlGive your daughter praise for each and every trip to the potty. If she doesn’t go, praise her for trying. If she does go, praise her with a reward sticker or candy coated chocolate. Either way, she gets praise.

Once your daughter has the hang of things she will most likely take off and use her potty for all of her potty needs. She may even wish to potty train her dolls and the pets.

Remember that there will be some small accidents especially in the beginning. With time and practice your daughter will be having more and more dry days.

Once the dry days are established go ahead and start working on dry nights. Talk about going to bed in big girl panties and how she can wake you for assistance if she needs it to go potty at night. She will be excited and enthusiastic to be rid of diapers entirely and wear big girl panties all the time.

Of course every child is different. But I am sure and can tell from my own experience that these potty training girls tips can help you to train your little girl. I hope you will try them out! And share your positive experiences with everybody!

If you still need a little help check out the interview on the homepage, that is a really great method for potty training girls!

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