Potty training boys
isn’t quite the same as potty training girls. Your son may present a few more challenges, but with time and determination, you can succeed. These 6 points will help you to potty train your son.

toilet training boysFirst, you need to make sure that your son is ready. Boys develop differently than girls so they may be a bit older when you begin training. Can they pull their pants up and down by themselves? Are they interested in the potty? If so, then they are most likely ready to take this next big step in their development.

Dad Time

If you’re teaching your son to stand up to urinate you may wish to have dad allow him in the bathroom with him periodically so that he understands the concept. If you’re going to train your son to sit down to urinate then don’t worry about this step for now.

Go Shopping

Take your son shopping for big boy underwear. Let him choose his favorite action characters and colors. While you’re out shopping make sure to pick up a potty chair or a seat to fit on the toilet or both if you have two bathrooms and wish to have both on hand.

Prominent Place

Place your son’s potty in a good location that is easy for him to get to when he needs to go. Let him practice sitting on it for a few days before potty training begins. He may wish to use it as a chair in the living room, this is fine, don’t panic, he won’t always go potty in the living room.

Potty Prizes

Pick out some prizes for successful potty trips. Some families use candy coated chocolates, others use a sticker, whatever you choose to use make it something he loves and tell him that each and every time that he uses his big boy potty he will get one.

Remove The Diaper

When the big day arrives take off his diaper. You can either let him be naked or put a pair of training pants on him and let him practice going potty all day. Ask him frequently if he needs to go and make sure to give him plenty of liquids so that he has to go.

Praise His Efforts

toilet training boysGive him praise for every trip to the potty. If he doesn’t go make sure that you praise his efforts for even trying. If he does go make sure he gets his prize either the sticker or candy coated chocolate.

Small accidents, especially in the beginning, are normal. Don’t shame your son and be patient. In time, he will have the concept down and become proficient at his new task at hand.

Once the dry days are established go ahead and start working on dry nights. Talk about going to bed in his fancy cool underwear and how he can wake you for assistance if he needs it to go potty at night. You son will be proud of his new big boy clothes and you will be done with diapers.

Off course every child is different. But I am sure and can tell from my own experience that these potty training boys tips can help you to train your little boy. I hope you will try them out! And share your positive experiences with everybody!

If you still need a little help check out the interview on the homepage, that is a really great method for potty training boys!

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