For parents, the potty training experience can either be terrifying or wonderful. While this period signals the end of diaper changes, transitioning from diapers to toddler toilet seat can be a long and challenging journey. However, prepared parents who are armed with all the necessary knowledge and tools will be able to make it through the process as smoothly as possible.

Prior to getting into the process, it is important for parents to know the average potty training ages. Being able to identify when the child is ready is also important. Once it has been established that the child is ready, parents should ensure that all the necessary tools are in place to encourage and assist the child during this process. The tools include training pants, flushable wipes and toddler toilet seat. Below are some of the toilet seat options that can be used during potty training.

Stand-Alone Potty

This potty seat is actually a chair that is not used on the toilet. They are designed to resemble a miniature version of the toilet. A number of stand-alone seats are equipped with a removable container that can dump the contents into the toilet. There is a vast array of toddler toilet seats to choose from in this category. Many of them have fun features and designs to keep the child occupied while he or she goes through the transition.

Potty Seat

It is definitely possible to use the toilet to potty train your child; however, most children typically feel more comfortable sitting on something that is designed to fit their size. You can buy a smaller potty seat to attach to your existing toilet seat. This will provide your child with stability and leverage by enabling him or her to feel more secure. In addition, this eliminates the risk of the child accidentally falling into the toilet. A good way to involve the child in the process is by allowing him or her to pick out their own toddler toilet seat. There is a variety to choose from and more than one might be needed before the training process is complete.

Convertible Potty Seat

These are also known as all-in-one potty seats. They can be used on their own or the removable seat can be placed over a full-size toilet seat. In addition, convertible potty seats can be used as a step stool to enable the child to step up and down comfortably from the sink or toilet.

Over-the-Toilet Potty Seat

This type of seat also resembles a miniature toilet. Its design enables it to fit perfectly over a full-size toilet seat. It enables a child to comfortably sit on the toilet with no risk of him or her falling in. The seat can be easily removed and it does not take up a lot of space. Additionally, it can be easily transported from one place to the next. Parents with small bathrooms might find them especially handy. There is also a portable version available that folds up and fits perfectly into a carrying case.

Whichever toddler toilet seat is ultimately chosen, caution should be exercised, particularly with seats that are outfitted with splash guards. The guards are there to prevent your boy from missing the toilet when he sits on the potty. However, he could injure himself if he sits too quickly or jumps on the potty.

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Good luck finding your perfect potty!

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